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Brokers and Traders
FPFX Tech delivers technology solutions that bridge the gap between what brokers offer and what traders want, with innovative products and applications that create points of differentiation and client loyalty.


At FPFX Tech, we are seeking to help brokers and traders grow their respective businesses through technology solutions that solve problems and create opportunities.

Bespoke solutions for prop firms, trading contests and social trading

Proprietary indicators to visualize and use real retail volume, execution, and order data

Calculators and tools to better evaluate risk, performance and strategies

Differentiators to strengthen the relationship between a broker and a trader, through unique selling propositions and transparency

FPFX Tech Vision
FPFX Tech Focus


FPFX Tech was launched as a spinoff of Forest Park FX, a globally regulated FX/CFD introducing broker.  Through working with dozens of the world’s top brokers, tens of thousands of traders, and numerous third-party service and technology providers, the principals of Forest Park FX acquired valuable insights into ways in which brokers operate and traders trade. 

Our goal was to leverage these insights, and to develop technology solutions that meet and exceed the needs, wants, and wishlists of brokers and traders.  What we ended up building exceeded even our own expectations and has enabled us, our broker partners, and trading clients to scale our businesses dramatically through the application of our solutions.

And there are more great technology solutions to come.  Check in with us regularly, as we are excited to show you what’s next!


FPFX Tech solutions solve technical shortcomings in the relationship between broker and trader.


Our Proprietary Indicator Suite utilizes a broker’s proprietary data and turns an OTC market into an on-exchange market through usable MT4 and MT5 indicators.


Our administrative tools help brokers to better service proprietary trading firms, money managers and social traders/copy traders.


With our technology, brokers can acquire and retain more clients by leveraging our trading technologies to offer a true competitive advantage.


Our Prop Trading Suite provides a turnkey solution for prop firms and funded trading programs that automate front-office, back-office and risk management processes, and eliminates the impediments to hyper-growth and scale.


The OTC nature of FX & CFD trading has made volume, trade and order data scarce and largely unusable.  We’ve fixed that for you by offering broker-specific proprietary data that you can really use.


Contact us to set up a personalized demonstration or discuss pricing and implementation.