Order Book Indicator

The order book indicator is a real-time data capture and analysis tool that is built for the Meta trader 4 and 5 trading platforms. The indicator is built to help a broker and its client base to get an immediate snapshot of the exact number and size of orders that the broker is receiving at any given time.


Based on the broker’s proprietary data, the order book indicator will help a user to immediately know the right prices to either place trades, or completely stay away from placing trades, based on how much orders are placed at those prices. To this regard, the order book indicator can be used as a timing tool by both the broker and its clients.



A prominent feature of the order book indicator is its ability to display the net orders being placed through a broker by the broker’s entire active base of clients in real-time. This makes the indicator a very important element of a trader’s work arsenal once they begin to use it.


The order book indicator can aggregate and display a broker’s net orders over selected time periods which can be useful for back-testing trading strategies over those time pockets.


The order book indicator can also split net orders into their respective asset classes. For example, the forex section would display net order information for all of the different currency pairs. The asset classes have to be offered by the broker to be displayed.


The order book indicator is based on broker-specific proprietary data, and will show in exact details the trading decisions that are being made by all of the traders that are a part of the broker’s client base.


Another important feature of the order book indicator is that it enables the trader to gauge retail sentiment based on how many orders are being placed particular to the broker at any specific point in time.


The order book indicator can be incorporated into any trading strategy as it provides a real-time view of the market decisions being made by the other market participants on that brokerage at the time. It is also a very useful tool for all of the different types of traders.

The order book indicator can be used by both the broker and its entire client base as a market timing tool. Market timing tools are very essential for timing trade entries and exits.

Using the order book indicator will provide a broker and its clients with a three dimensional view of the market activities of all the active traders on the broker’s platform, consisting both of the market price action and how the market participants are reacting to the price action at that given point in time.

The order book indicator can be used by a broker or its client base as a part of any expert adviser or in developing any automated strategies since it adds serious value to the expert adviser because of the kind of proprietary data it helps it to capture and analyse.

A broker that features the order book indicator as a part of the software suite it offers traders on its platform will be able to grow and retain its client base over the long term. The broker will also increase its revenue in turn due to its increasing client base.


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