Order Entry Indicator

The order entry indicator is built based on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It is specifically designed to help traders enter trades correctly, providing them with a visual aid to the preconditions required before a trade can be successfully executed.


The indicator creates a quick scan of the market data pool that gives traders insight into what the leverage, spread, commissions, and other details are on the platform. This provides a way for the trader to effectively manage risk by sizing their positions correctly, taking entry and exit prices into account.



The order entry indicator helps traders to both set preconditions that the market must satisfy before they get into a trade, and to follow these preconditions to the latter. The indicator provides a detailed view of these market conditions in real-time.


Our order entry indicator provides traders with insight into market details like the current spreads, commissions and leverage for each asset class and whether they are widening or shrinking at the current market pace.


The order entry indicator facilitates risk management. By taking variables like the entry price, the trader’s risk level or stop loss price, and projected trade exit price into consideration, it ensures that the trader does not exceed a certain portion of their equity per trade.


The order entry indicator updates in real time. Because of this level of flexibility, the indicator is able to quickly adjust to changing market conditions, and re-set the trading parameters so that the trader is always updated at every point in time.


The order entry indicator is built to show a complete view of each currency pair and trading asset available of the broker’s platform so that clients can benefit regardless of the asset class they favour the most.


When using the order entry indicator, a trader will be able to constantly stay in tune with the prevalent market condition, and adjust their trading style to suit the existing market condition.

The order entry indicator is useful in the protection of trading equity. This is because the indicator helps a trader to size their trading positions properly, taking their entry prices and risk margins into account.

Using the order entry indicator will help a trader to be disciplined as it is easy for the trader to adjust their risk, set realistic targets and stops, and flow with the ebbs of the market.

The order entry indicator is necessary for trade management as it enables clients to take a more fluid approach to the market, and understand the inherent risks of each market condition.

Brokers that incorporate the order entry indicator can easily retain their old clients and attract new clients since the data that the indicator works with is entirely proprietary and the indicator is embedded with the broker’s platform.

The order entry indicator can easily be incorporated as a part of any automated strategy, expert adviser or manual trading strategy since it synthesizes raw market data that is vital for the correct placement of market orders.


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