Position Entry Indicator

The position entry indicator is an MT4/MT5 indicator that assists a trader to get into trading positions properly, regardless of the asset class or currency pair being traded. It aggregates the entire positions of traders over selected historical time periods and displays this information visually on the trading platform to allow traders make better trading decisions.


The position entry indicator is updated with the current prices, spread and commission data relevant to the asset class or currency pair being traded as offered by the broker, It forms an integral part of a trading strategy, alerting users to anomalies in price action right as they happen during the trading day.



Our position entry indicator is built specifically for establishing large trading positions. It can help traders to aptly scale into trading positions until their desired size is achieved, without disturbing the existing market condition or moving prices too quickly away from their desired entry prices.


In terms of pre-trade planning, the position entry indicator is an absolute essential since it displays all of the extremely important trading metrics which are important for pre-entry planning and effective execution. It updates all relevant information relevant to planning trades in real-time so that a trader is able to make proper decisions ahead of their trades.


Our position entry indicator aggregates all of the entries of a broker’s clients over a specified historical period and updates it in real time, useful for back-testing and strategy optimization.


The position entry indicator can be used to protect automated strategies from unfavourable market conditions such as widening spreads, and market gaps when it is incorporated into the expert adviser.

Any trader, regardless of their trading style or strategy employed, will find the position entry indicator very useful since it will assist them with relevant information for better trade entries.

For traders who use manual trading strategies, the position entry indicator will form an integral part of their trading systems because of the level of market level details it provides to the trader in terms of entry conditions.

The position entry indicator is an instant update tool, and will immediately adjust to changing market conditions showing traders what those exact conditions are at that point in time. For instance, in the event of a quick market reaction to a fundamental event like an earnings announcement, the position entry indicator will allow the trader to see that the market is reacting to the fundamental event, and whether the current market conditions are favourable for trade entry.

Brokers who incorporate the position entry indicator will be able to increase client retention rate, make their existing clients happier, and grow their revenue since the clients will only be able to use the indicator on the broker’s platform.


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