SlideProp Trading Tech Kit Prop Account delivers licensed, branded data analytics tools that enable users to track and analyze transaction data in financial markets. With end-to-end automation, Prop Account has automated the onboarding of new traders and enforcement of risk management. With eCommerce, CRM, email, and broker integration, our kit provides both the firm and the trader with portals and notifications regarding account credentials and performance in accordance with built-to-specification trading rules.


Proprietary trading and funded account programs are on the rise. Some of the biggest hurdles these firms face are the administrative burden of onboarding traders, efficiently monitoring hundreds of traders, and effectively managing risk. The Prop Trading Tech Kit fully automates this process, allowing prop firms and funded account programs to focus on attracting and training new traders and scaling their businesses.



The prop trading tech kit features an administrative portal that helps prop trading firms and funded account programs effectively manage risk at a macro or individual trader level.


Firms can use the admin portal to create assessment/evaluation or live programs, set or modify trading rules and milestone requirements, manage traders, and review all trading activity across the entire firm.


Our proprietary trading tech kit offers both CRM and email integrations to allow seamless collaboration between the prop firm and its traders, alerting both the management and the traders any time new goals are met, milestones are reached, or rules are breached.


The trader dashboard lets the trader track their performance according to both industry and firm metrics, review trading results relative to goals and trading rules, and analyze activity in real-time.


Broker back-end integration enables prop firms and funded account programs to consolidate their operations within a single broker and automate the creation of assessment accounts, funded accounts, rule monitoring, account restrictions, and capital allocation.


Scale your business through automation while adding more functionality and controls.  This allows your prop firm or funded account program to grow as quickly as you can grow your sales and marketing operation, without the need for in-house IT staff and other administrative expenses.


Using our prop trading tech kit, prop firms and funded account programs can quickly and easily create and set standard trading rules which will be automatically enforced for all traders.

The prop trading tech kit enables a firm to minimize exposure in the market by automatically adjusting risk parameters dynamically and ensures that risk is always minimized for the prop firm.

Administrative tasks and functions are handled easily, freeing up energy and resources to other critical tasks and metrics, enhancing firm profitability and bottom-line performance.

With the prop trading tech kit, it is easier for prop firms to fully integrate with brokers through complete administrative capabilities for both the broker and the prop firm.

Thanks to the seamless CRM and email integration our prop trading tech kit offers, prop firms and traders can easily track parameters such as target milestones, met milestones, active milestones, issued account credentials, active and inactive trial accounts, and more.

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