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The Risk Management Calculator offers traders a comprehensive, on-platform risk management tool that combines an order entry calculator and risk calculator into one. This allows traders to work with one application to limit risk and optimize trading performance.

Calculate Order Size and Risk in Seconds

With the Risk Management Calculator, MT4/MT5 traders can calculate their order size, stop loss levels, take profit levels and trade risk using real-time account data.  The calculator will also enable traders to manage the risk associated with their open trades, so they can adjust their positions and levels as market conditions evolve.

Risk Management Calculator Features


It is an order entry and risk calculator in one.


It features the Stop Loss setting and allows you to set the percentage of equity you want to risk. Per your settings, it will calculate the trade size for you.


Features the ability to set both market orders and pending orders.


Comes with easy-to-understand results sections, facilitating better, more informed decision-making.


Has a trade window, which shows the current risk/reward situation for each trade on your account.


Our volume indicator can be used to chart the volume data proprietary to a broker as it happens.


As much as traders would love to stay glued to watching the market fluctuate, the reality is that it simply isn’t always possible. And, to be able to make a sustained effort in the stock market, traders need to balance their amount of risk to reward ratio.

It offers a comprehensive risk management tool by offering order entry and risk calculator in one. So instead of dealing with multiple apps, you only have to deal with one.

The order entry feature allows the trader to have greater control over the price at which they want to enter the market. Additionally, this feature removes the need for the trader to constantly monitor the market and also ensures that when the desired price is reached, the order is executed even if the trader is not present.

The Risk Management Tool Calculator’s Stop Loss feature helps limit the risk to manageable levels for the trader. It makes sure that even if wild market fluctuations happen after order execution and the trader is away, his losses are controlled by Stop Loss automatic shutting down of the trade at the set price.

The real-time information about each trade provided in the trade window and the easy-to-understand results section serve to provide traders with timely critical information helping them make better, more informed decisions. With a higher success rate in decision-making for traders, the broker will experience improved client retention and productivity.

The Risk Management Tool Calculator is an on-chart tool for MT4 and MT5, helping make their analyses more thorough and accurate.

Forex Risk Management Calculator


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