Sentiment Indicator

Our sentiment indicator is designed to measure how bullish or bearish a broker’s base of clients is towards any asset class listed by the broker at any point in time. Identifying this can help to accurately forecast a group’s behavior.


This technical indicator can assist investors to measure the current market sentiment. This measure is based on the total net positions of a broker’s customers who are either long or short at that given time and is measured and updated in real-time. Let us review some of the key features in more detail.



FPFX Tech proprietary sentiment indicator enables brokers and their clients to measure the exact retail sentiment extremes as they happen and act on them in real time.


Using our sentiment indicator will also help to confirm a trend when the sentiment is not near extreme points. This can be appropriated into any expert adviser or trading strategy.


The sentiment indicator incorporates data from the actual position of all clients at any given time and can help a broker to accurately forecast future group behaviour in real time.


For back-testing and validating strategies, the sentiment indicator is built to provide a broker and their clients with historical net position data depending on the asset classes being offered by the broker.


A broker will be able to attract more clients to their platform to use their services as a result of the sentiment indicator since the data is broker proprietary. These clients would then be able to make better trading decisions based on the overall sentiment of the retail traders using the broker.

The sentiment indicator can serve as a very important tool for a broker as it will help them to make real-time hedging decisions to protect their funds based on how extreme the sentiment of their traders is at that point in time.

Our sentiment indicator will be a great addition to any trading strategy since it will tell the trader when it is a good time to be a bull or a bear based off of what the other retail traders with the same broker are doing.

The sentiment indicator empowers brokers and traders with actionable market insights. Retail sentiment extremes have been known to signal oversold or overbought situations and can lead to sentiment reversals most of the time, even if they overextend for a while.

The sentiment indicator can also be used as part of an automated trading software suite that a broker can offer its clients to keep them on its platform and increase its revenue overtime.


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