Sentiment Strength Indicator

Our sentiment strength indicator displays the historical net positions of a broker’s entire client base in clear details. Comparing the current net positions against the historical net positions will show how strongly a broker’s clients are either buying or selling an asset class at that point in time.


The sentiment strength indicator we have developed can help a broker’s clients to immediately get a complete view of the aggregate net positions of all of the clients trading with that broker and how bullish or bearish numbers compared against these numbers historically.



The sentiment strength indicator can sort both historical and real-time positions by asset class and currency pairs for forex, based on the net positions data from a broker’s entire client base, which can be very useful for back-testing trading strategies.


Built into our sentiment strength indicator is a data grid that displays the historical net positions of a broker’s entire client base in clear details. The sentiment strength indicator updates the net positions in real time to enable a client get an instant picture of how strong or weak the current retail sentiment is at that point in time.


The sentiment strength indicator will give a broker and its clients a quick snapshot of the overall sentiment of retail traders on a broker’s platform at any specific point in time, helping them to determine which direction the retail crowd is currently biased to on each asset class or currency pair.


And that’s not all – traders can also use the sentiment strength indicator to determine the strength of any asset listed by the broker at any point in time where they want to back-test from depending on their trading strategies.


The sentiment strength indicator will help keep the retail traders dependent on the broker to power whatever strategies they develop using the sentiment strength indicator since the data is proprietary. This is an effective way for a broker to build a loyal client base and increase their revenue long term.

Using our sentiment strength indicator can help to increase a broker’s revenue since all of the data being derived is proprietary to the broker and traders would have to retain an account with the broker in order to use the data and indicator.

The sentiment strength indicator will also fit perfectly with any other retail trading strategy, either as a part of an expert adviser, manual system, or as a part of a suite of software provided by a broker. This will help the broker to increase its client base’s satisfaction and retain existing clients.

Data generated from our sentiment strength indicator can be used either by a broker or its retail clients to develop completely new strategies and expert advisers.

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