Prop Trading Tech Kit

The Prop trading tech kit helps trading firms to effectively manage the risk of all their individual traders and the overall risk on their capital. The prop trading tech kit offers a firm reliable and efficient delivery, allowing them to handle other challenges like training and acquiring new traders, which will increase their overall performance and output.


Our proprietary trading tech kit takes professional trading to the next level. From facilitating the entire onboarding process for all new traders by automating the firm’s assessment phase, to protecting the firm’s capital by ensuring that the set risk metrics are strictly adhered to, thereby also improving the individual trader’s performance. Our prop trading tech kit essentially solves some of the most challenging administrative responsibilities for any prop firm.



The prop trading tech kit features an administrative portal that can help prop trading firms to effectively manage the risk of all their individual traders and the overall risk on their capital.


The admin portal of the prop trading tech kit helps prop firms to visualize and manage exactly how each of their traders perform based on set risk parameters and other factors. It also helps a firm to manage all of the trading programs they are running at the same time.


Our proprietary trading tech kit offers both CRM and email integrations to allow seamless collaboration between the prop firm and its traders, alerting both the management and the traders any time new goals and set milestones are hit.


The client dashboard on the prop trading tech kit is organized in such a way that it allows the firm’s traders to track and adhere to metrics and goals set by the prop firm, track their existing goals, and analyze their overall performance, all in real-time.


The prop firm can also use the prop trading tech kit to customize some of its trading rules and risk metrics, seamlessly integrating with brokerages so that they can track and report trading activities efficiently.


The prop trading tech kit will enable a prop firm to manage their set risk thresholds, set soft liquidation points for their traders, and perform other major administrative functions from start to finish, all using multiple API integration channels on the kit.


Using our prop trading tech kit, a firm can quickly create and set standard trading rules which will be automatically enforced for all of the prop firm’s traders once they have been set.

The prop trading tech kit will enable a firm to minimize exposure in the market by automatically adjusting risk parameters dynamically, and ensuring that risk is always minimized for the prop firm.

Administrative tasks and functions can easily be handled by the prop trading tech kit so that the firm is free to allocate more energy and resources to other important metrics, thereby improving the overall performance of the firm and maximizing the bottom line.

With the prop trading tech kit, it is easier for prop firms to fully integrate with brokers since the trading kit offers complete administrative ability for both the broker and the prop firm.

Thanks to the seamless CRM and email integration our prop trading tech kit offers, prop firms and traders can easily track parameters such as target milestones, met milestones, active milestones, issued account credentials, active and inactive trial accounts, and more.


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