SlideTrading Contest Gateway With our Trading Contest Gateway, brokers and trading groups can offer dynamic, interactive and fully-transparent trading competitions that generate excitement and engagement for contest participants and those following along. With a seamless onboarding portal, back-end broker integration, and leaderboard, launching new and innovative trading competitions has never been easier.

Live Competitions for the World to See

Breathe new life into trading competitions.  The Trading Contest Gateway enables brokers or trading groups can create multiple contests visible from the main hub.  All contests and trades are open to contestants and spectators wanting to join the action and excitement.  



Increase client engagement through open-source, fully transparent trading contests with real cash prizes.


Improve lead conversion rates with contest registrations and upsells for demo and live trading accounts along with other calls to action on the main competition dashboard and trader portals.


Allow competitors and spectators access to the trading activities of all contestants by showcasing all open and closed trades taken along with key trading and performance metrics.


Traders and followers can watch the contest leaderboards update in real-time as contestants jockey for the top spot, cash prizes, and recognition as contest winners.


With end-to-end automation, brokers and trading firms can create multiple trading competitions in minutes and let them run without the need for manual intervention or oversight.


Leverage our Trading Contest Gateway to distinguish your brand through unique, creative, and fun trading competitions that convert leads into active clients.

Your Trading Contest Starts in 3…2…1…

The Trading Contest Gateway is a creative way for brokers and trading firms to create excitement and engagement around their brands and, ultimately, convert more clients through real-time, dynamic trading competitions.

Convert dead, dormant, demo and prospective leads into active traders through easy-to-use and easy-to-enter trading competitions.  

Build brand awareness that goes beyond the start of a trading contest and results by showcasing daily swings and leaderboard changes throughout the contest.  

Position yourself as a trusted source for traders.  Enable contestants and spectators to view all trading activity in a transparent, open fashion.

Improve website traffic, bounce rates, and conversions with trading contest engagement.  Encourage leads to watch, learn, and participate in your trading contests.  Convert them with on-page upsells and calls to action before, during, and after the contests.

Forex Trading Competitions


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