SlideUltimate Trade Copier FPFX Tech's Ultimate Trade Copier serves as a hybrid solution between a PAMM, MAM, and trade copier. We connect the trade leaders, followers and brokers through three distinct portals catered to each. Followers gain full control in all phases of the process, including opening and closing transactions, adding or removing copied trades, as well as follow or unfollow capabilities in real-time.

Trade Copying Reimagined

The Ultimate Trade Copier seamlessly integrates with all FX & CFD brokers and offers three distinct dashboards for brokers, trade leaders and trade followers to leverage the benefits of trade copying, risk management, enhanced order functionality and transparency.



The Ultimate Trade Copier delivers three tailored dashboards for trade leaders, followers, and brokers.  


The Trade Follower portal allows clients to follow one or several strategies based upon trade leaders’ historical performances and strategy descriptions.


The Trade Leader portal allows trade leaders to track their historical performance and key trading metrics over time.


The Trade Leader and Trade Follower portals provide trade copy facilities that allow leaders and followers to execute and copy trades in any asset class offered by the broker.


The Trade Management engine integrates with any broker’s platform and facilitates trade copying regardless of account currency.


Through advanced programming, the Ultimate Trade Copier reduces latency on trade copying and eliminates dropped trades, so followers never miss an opportunity.

Built to Benefit Brokers, Trade Leaders, and Trade Followers

The Ultimate Trade Copier offers brokers the ability to attract and retain more clients on their platform by enabling trade copying for trade leaders and followers without the need for a separate trading platform or additional cost.

Unlike other trade copiers, the Ultimate Trade Copier completely eliminates the need for a broker’s clients to run Virtual Private Server (VPS) accounts, since trades can be copied directly from the broker’s platform without the need for secondary software.

Trade leaders and followers can get set up in minutes, delivering functionality without difficulty or stress.

With the trade leader and trade follower accounts hosted at the same broker, trade followers will experience virtually zero delay between the original and copied trades execution times and eliminating the risk of missing a trade. 

Trade following has never been easier, with enhanced following to control risk, copy trades as market or limit orders, and enter ongoing trades.

Ultimate Trade Copier


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