Volume Indicator

The volume indicator is used to measure the exact number of real orders that have been placed over a specific period of time on the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It is used to identify the amount of conviction the bulls or bears have in a trend at a specific point in time, and how far the trend is likely to go.


The volume indicator keeps track of orders in real time. It will give a trader a sense of how solid a price trend is, and if it will continue much longer in its current direction or fizzle out and reverse in a short time period. Based on the broker’s proprietary data, the volume indicator will give the broker and its clients a sense of when the right time to join a trend is, and how much confidence they can place in the trend.



Our volume indicator is built to update in real-time, displaying the total current volume of traders on the broker’s platform as they place their orders.


Using the volume indicator will help the trader to make trading decisions with confidence since whatever trades are being placed will be in line with well established trends supported by trading volume.


The volume indicator can be used to measure trade conviction between bulls and bears in any market or trading asset offered by a broker. When there is strong market conviction in a trend, it is usually associated with extremely high volume.


As a tool for strategy assessment, the volume indicator can be used by a broker’s clients to display historical volume so that the trader can visually identify the performance of their trading strategies over such time periods.


The volume indicator displays the real current volume relative to historical volume for determining volume extremes whenever they occur. Volume extremes can be used to determine market breakouts and turning points after over-extended market moves.


Our volume indicator can be used to chart the volume data proprietary to a broker as it happens.


The volume indicator can help both a broker and its clients to effectively refine trading strategies, fine-tuning them to only execute trades when volume conditions are optimal in an asset class or currency pair.

As a back-testing tool, the volume indicator can aggregate historical volume data and format it visually so that a trader is able to go back in time to test and modify their trading systems. It is particularly very useful for volume based trading strategies.

Since the volume indicator is built to use only broker specific proprietary volume data, it will help a broker to increase its client base over the long term and grow its revenue.

The volume indicator can easily be used to create new expert advisers or integrate with already existing ones, to refine and improve a trader’s edge over any market.

Using the volume indicator will provide a broker’s clients with a deeper view into market activities, which will in turn enhance decision-making while trading manual strategies.


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