Empowering Prop Trading Firms

Interest in launching prop trading firms has exploded in recent years, due in large part to the accessibility and functionality built into our Prop Trading Tech Kit. Prior to our solution, prop firms carried a massive administrative burden of operating e-commerce back offices, onboarding traders, efficiently monitoring thousands of traders, and effectively managing risk across funded accounts. The Prop Trading Tech Kit fully automates these processes through integrated technology solutions, allowing prop firms to focus on attracting and qualifying new traders and scaling their businesses.


Prop Trading Tech KitNotable Features

Custom Plans & Rules

At our core, we offer prop firms the ability to create prop plans, rules, and metrics built completely to their specification. If you can articulate how you want your program to run, we can make it a reality.

E-Commerce Integration

We can integrate with virtually any payment provider. This allows us to capture purchaser and product information and map it to the custom plans we've created for you in the admin portal.

Create & Monitor Accounts

Upon purchase, we will automatically create the trading account and credentials to access the completely custom-built dashboards, where performance and adherence to the rules is tracked in real-time.

Email Integration & Building

Through our email integration and email template builder, we can automate all event-driven communications to traders, including welcome emails, pass emails, breach notifications, retries and payout confirmations, among others.

AML/KYC Checks

It is best practice to perform AML/KYC checks on your funded traders. Through custom integrations, we can automate the entire AML/KYC process, allowing you to move as quickly as your traders provide the documents.

CRM Connectivity

Scaling your prop firm requires intelligent marketing. Our solution can communicate directly with your marketing CRM, enabling up-to-date marketing communication with your traders.

Additional Benefits

More Integrations More Engagement

  • Use your admin portal to turn your trader dashboards into your trader's single source for access to related news, alerts, notifications, live streaming, downloadable education modules, videos and announcements.

  • Create more excitement for traders through integrated trading contests and public leaderboards, and turn your traders into brand ambassadors with the issuance of certificates and shareable dashboards to showcase their success.

  • Grow your business through customized discount codes and a fully-integrated affiliate portal, where traders can request to become affiliates, receive their unique affiliate link and track their affiliate commissions.

Some Sample Trader Dashboards

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