At FPFX Tech, we are seeking to help trading firms and brokerages grow their businesses through technology solutions that solve problems, create opportunities and build communities.  Acquiring traders has become an exceedingly difficult and expensive proposition for trading firms of all kinds.

By leveraging the power of customization and automation, FPFX Tech makes it easier to attract and retain traders through innovative value propositions, bespoke user interfaces, and instant gratification and feedback.

For the past 20 years, trading technology has trended towards commodifying trading.  Our vision is to deliver unique and individualized trading experiences for each and every trader that focuses on their specific interactions with the markets.



FPFX Tech addresses real demand from traders for technology solutions to meet their needs and offer a differentiated trading experience.

Our focus was to leverage these insights and to develop best-in-class technology solutions that meet and exceed the needs, wants, and wishlists of trading firms and brokerages. What we ended up building exceeded even our own expectations and has enabled us and our licensees to scale our businesses together through the application of our solutions.


Justin Hertzberg, Esq.


Trent Hoerr


Richard Clarke


Eric Nestler

Director of Operations

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