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Breathe new life into trading competitions and showcase your platforms, pricing, products and experience in a fun and exciting way. The Trading Contest Gateway enables brokerages and trading groups to create customizable and automated trading contests in seconds. Leaderboards, trader metrics and all participants' trade activity update in real-time and can be viewed by particpants and spectators, alike.


Trading Contest Gateway Features

Custom Contests

Brokerages and trading firms can create any contest they imagine, including long-term contests, intraday contests, gold-only contests and crypto contests. Our Trading Contest Gateway is as flexible as you need it to be.

Contest Types & Prizes

Choose to run contests in a Live Account or a Demo Account. Choose the number of prize winners and the prizes - you can award anything from cash to iPhones to discounts on services. The choice is yours.


Set the leverage on the accounts and rules all traders must follow in order to advance and win a prize (eg. daily loss limits, maximum drawdown levels, etc.). Stiffer rules often lead to more serious trading and more competitive contests.

Complete Automation

Once you launch your trading contest, the Trading Contest Gateway automates everything, including contestant registration, account creation, email notifications, leaderboard updates and contest recaps.


Trading contests are an opportunity to connect with traders and build trust. Our contests offer complete transparency, with open-source trade results, including every order ticket, product traded, side, size, timestamp and P&L.

Engagement & Conversion

Trading contests also enable you to showcase your latest platform, products, pricing, and offerings without extensive marketing spends or dissemination of educational content. The contest allows traders to experience it for themselves.


They Participate You Win

  • Convert dead, dormant, demo and prospective leads into active traders through easy-to-use and easy-to-enter trading competitions.

  • Build brand and product awareness in a way that positively associates a trader's experience with what your brokerage or firm has to offer.

  • Engage leads with a risk-free, financial incentive that gives you an opportunity to convert them into a real client.

Some Sample Contest Screenshots

Trading Contests Done Right

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