Trade Copying Reimagined

Trade copying is more popular than ever. But controlling how trades are copied has always been a challenge - for brokers, for leaders and for followers. With the Ultimate Trade Copier, brokers can control the entire copy trading environment and ensure all followers are clients of their brokerage. Leaders no longer have to compete with others who cherry-pick or outright makeup performance data. And traders can not only make informed decisions as to which strategy(ies) to follow, but they can control all of the risk at the strategy and portfolio levels to take more control over their investing destiny.


Ultimate Trade Copier Features

Fully-Hosted Environment

We provide a completely customized copy trading environment for MT4 and MT5 without plug-in or broker-side development.

Master Controls

Unlike other solutions, we offer brokerages master controls to enable/disable/close all trading and promote/demote trade leaders.

Verified Trade Data

All trade leader performance is 100% verified by live trading at that broker. And all trade data is available for trade followers to review.

Portfolio Building

Like any good investment strategy, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With our solution, you can build portfolios of strategies.

Risk Controls

We empower trade followers to manage their investments with a suite of risk controls to protect gains and minimize losses.

Low Latency

Trade execution matters. Even with thousands of traders following one strategy, trade execution for all followers is completed within seconds.


Built to Benefit Brokers

  • Unlike other trade copiers, the Ultimate Trade Copier completely eliminates the need for a broker’s clients to run a VPS or pay for third-party copy tools.

  • Brokerages can work with trade leaders to build a library of strategies available to all traders or help specific trade leaders set up private channels for only their approved subscribers to join.

  • With the trade leader and trade follower accounts hosted at the same broker, trade followers will experience virtually zero delay with trade executions and puts an end to missed trades due to a dropped connection.

Copy Trading Reimagined

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